Settings > Set Browser Compatibility Makes the built-in browser compatible with your system so that HTML pages are displayed correctly. Just run one once after initial installation (not necessary for updates), or if you change your version of Internet Explorer. Tools > Download Product Data Download product info and promo pictures for your products. There are Tooltips for the less obvious functions. If product page and promo pictures are unavailable for download (product removed from the DAZ store), the library page (which is always available) will be displayed instead of Product Page Info and Promo Pictures, when any of these are selected. When Library Page Info is selected the library page will always be displayed. List View Context Menu > Delete Product Data Folder This will delete all product data for the selected product. Use for updating product data, e.g. in case of errors on the product page (data will be updated next time you download product data), or for removing data for products you want to return so they don’t clutter the ProductData folder. The product data are actually not deleted, but moved to a "Deleted" folder inside the ProductData folder, in case you should want to restore them for some reason. If not, you can just delete them.
Keyboard Shortcuts ik Scroll up/down product list (List View ) or product pages (Browser) when either of these are selected.vv
j´ Toggles between image and product info view in Browser,                  keys will  scroll List View. ik
vj´ Toggles between image and product info view in Browser, but ik keys will scroll Browser instead of List View. (currently broken by an MS update, am looking into it)
Tips: Search on purchase date: 2019 = list all products purchased during 2019 2019-05 = list all products purchased during May 2019 2019-05-11 = list all products purchased on that day
SHORT QUICK START GUIDE First extract the installer zip into a folder of your choice. Avoid putting the folder inside Windows' "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders or other system folders as the program may not work correctly there. Then run the "ProductManagerDAZ.exe" file to start the program. First time you run the program it will ask you to create a folder for your product data (Product Page / Library Page data, Promo Pictures, and ReadMe PDFs). When that is done, click the Download History button to log in and download a complete list of your purchased products. You’ll see the Product Data Status window pop up showing a list of products for which you need to download additional data, to complete their data. If you want to download these data later, click Cancel, otherwise click the window’s Download button and log in, after which the Product Data Download Manager will open. To get all data types (Product Library Pages, Product Pages and Promos, and ReadME PDFs), just click the Start Download button and let it run until it’s finished. You can cancel any time you want and continue later, it will just continue from where it left off. When canceling it will first complete downloading the selected data for the product currently downloading, before it finishes. You can also select which types of data to get of course, downloading the rest later, but it’s recommended to get the Product Library Pages as well as all available Product Pages and Promos for all products as quickly as possible. Product Library Pages because they provide data which are necessary for normal functionality of different functions in the program, and Product Pages because products are being removed from the store regularly for different reasons, so their Product Pages no longer are available for download. Click the Browse Listed Products button to open a window that will show the first promo picture for each product as a small thumbnail icon. Click this icon to locate the product on the main product list, and display data for the product. Clicking the icon multiple times will toggle between displaying product data and promo pictures. You can select which to display on first click using the Radio Buttons at the bottom of the window. The content in the Browse Listed Products window and the sort order always reflects the content and sort order of the main product list, though it will only show thumbnail icons for products for which either Product Page Data with at least one Promo, or Product Library Pages, have been downloaded. Since some products no longer have Product Pages the only way to ensure that all products have thumbnail icons is to have all Product Library Pages downloaded. If the Show Missing checkbox is checked, placeholder icons will be shown for all products which don’t have a thumbnail icon yet.