FREE for up to 1000 products

Free to use if you have 1000 products or less, or test it for as long as you like with the 1000 product limitation.

Basic features:

"Browse All" feature (version 1.002+):

This feature will open a window showing an icon of the first promo image for every product listed in the list view (left pane).  Click on an icon to select the product on the main list, multiple clicks will toggle between displaying product data or promo pictures.  
The content will automatically sync with the product list in whatever you do (search, sort, list all products).

Other new features and improvements:

New "Locate Products in DAZ Studio" feature (updated in version 1.013):

Locate any product in DAZ Studio with a couple of clicks, as well as create a temporary product group (e.g. for a project you're working on).  NOTE: the Locate Products feature now works with older versions of DAZ Studio also, though it works best with General Release and later.  It also require that you use DIM (DAZ Install Manager) for download and installation of products, with access to the DIM Manifest Files for the products.  See demo here:

Planned features include:

Known problems:

Your AV program may consider the program harmful and block or quarantine it because the code is obfuscated (protected), just add it to the AV program's exclusion list and it should work.  You can also upload it to the AV vendor's site to have it whitelisted, most (if not all) AV companies offer this service, sometimes the AV program itself has a built in upload feature.

Complete tutorial for all features is in the works, will come soon.  A draft can be found here:  .  Can also be accessed via Help > Online Help in the program menu.


Add the Product Data folder (the one the program will ask you to create, containing all the "123456" folders) to your AV program's exclusion list, otherwise it may scan the files every time you access them which can slow things down considerably.


Just extract all zip content into a folder of your choice and run ProductManagerDAZ.exe.  Do not install in the default Windows Program Files folders as it may not work correctly here.  A subfolder in the ProgramData folder (this system folder may be hidden) is fine.

Any problems or questions, just use the contact form ("Report Bugs" under Help in the program) or use the direct link:


Version 1.015,  2022-01-28

NOTE:  1.015 fixes a problem with history download in the free version of 1.014 when you have less than 1000 products.  If you are using the registered version of 1.014 you don't need to update to 1.015.

For Windows 8.1 and 10 (not tested on 7 and 11 but will probably work), requires .NET 4.6.2

Free/trial version is limited to 1000 products, but otherwise fully functional and with no time limits.  By default the program runs in free/trial mode, when you purchase it you get a registration key that will unlock the full version.

Download link:


Currently the unlimited version with no data export cost $16.00 for a lifetime license (all future updates will be free).  No returns/refunds, instead you can use and test the free version for as long as you like so that you know what you get.  By purchasing the program you agree to the above conditions.

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