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Well, the commercial, non-expiring version is finally here.  Sort of a pre-release really as I wanted to add some more features first, but people were getting impatient so these features will come through updates then.  This is also just a temporary product page as I'm working on redesigning the whole site, so it may be updated regularly if necessary, until then.

For users of the old version:  you need to create a fresh installation and a new database for using or testing this version as it is not compatible with the old database.  A database converter is included so it can adapt the old database so you don't have to download everything again, but you should only use it with the full version, or if you use the free version and have 250 products or less in the old database.

To convert the old database, run the "ConvertDatabasePmDaz.exe" included in the zip (don't move if from the extraction folder as it needs some files there).  Select the existing Product Data folder as data source, and create a Destination folder for the converted data.  Then just click the "Convert Product Data Folder" button.  When finished, click the "Convert 'Deleted' Folder", to convert any product data there might be in the "Deleted" folder, if it exists.  Then select the converted folder as Product Data folder in the program.

Basic (old) features:

New "Browse All" feature:

This feature will open a window showing an icon of the first promo image for every product listed in the list view (left pane).  
The content will automatically sync with the list in whatever you do (search, sort, list all products).  By default, clicking an icon will toggle between showing product page info and promo images.  Use the radiobuttons at the buttom of the window to determine which is shown first, first time you click an icon.  If there is no product page data, the library page will be shown instead if it has been downloaded.  
Just so you know it as you can't test large amounts of products in the free version:  the icons can be slow to load and update (like several minutes, depending on the performance of your system and disks) if you have many products (like over 5000) and load them all. Loading is first complete (icons respond to clicking) when the green progress bar at the bottom of the window disappears.
Normally though you will only load a smaller number like when doing a search for e.g. "hair" to quickly find what you're looking for, and here it's generally pretty fast.
A tip:   If you load all the icons first, right after having started the program, it will subsequently be much faster in general because of caching.

Other new features and improvements:

Planned features include:

Known problems:

Your AV program may consider the program harmful and block or quarantine it because the code is obfuscated (protected), just add it to the AV program's exclusion list and it should work.  You can also upload it to the AV vendor's site to have it whitelisted, most (if not all) AV companies offer this service, sometimes the AV program itself has a built in upload feature.

May crash if you try to do a search before having loaded product data (Download History / Load Saved history) after having started program.

"View Order Page" does not work for all orders. Will be fixed in next version.

"Disable Sync" may cause problems in some contexts.  It's recommended not to use it until this has been fixed.

Browser may not auto log in when using features that require log in.  If you log in with "Login Browser" checked and update the product list online after starting the program that should fix it. Otherwise log in manually with the browser and log in with "Keep me logged in" checked.  Will be fixed soon.

Windows 8 (not tested in windows 7 yet) does not (like Windows 10 does) activate mouse scroll automatically when mouse is moved over a scrollable pane, so you may have to click it. For the "Browse All" pane you can right click the browser window to activate scroll, left clicking on an icon or the border will do the same.  Looks like it's normal Windows 8 behaviour, so not sure if there are any workarounds.

May crash the first time you download history after upgrading from free to full version.  Just close the program, restart, and download history again, and all should be fine.

Complete tutorial for all features is in the works, will come soon.  For new users there is a link to a simple tutorial for the old version which covers the basic features, under Help > Online Help.


Add the Product Data folder (the one with all the "123456" folders) to your AV program's exclusion list, otherwise it may scan the files every time you access them which can slow things down considerably.


Just extract all zip content into a folder of your choice and run ProductManagerDAZ.exe.  Do not install in the default Windows Program Files folders as it may not work correctly here.  A subfolder in the ProgramData folder (this system folder may be hidden) is fine.

Any problems or questions, just use the contact form ("Report Bugs" under Help in the program) or use the direct link:


Version 1.001

For Windows 7, 8 and 10, requires NET 4.6.

Free/trial version is limited to 250 products, but otherwise fully functional and with no time limits.  By default the program runs in free/trial mode, when you purchase it you get a registration key that will unlock the full version.

Virus report original file
Virus report after obfuscation (obfuscation = source code protection, makes some virus scanners suspicious)

Download link:


Currently the unlimited version with no data export cost $14.00 for a lifetime license (all future updates will be free).  No returns/refunds, instead you can use and test the free version for as long as you like so that you know what you get.  By clicking the PURCHASE button you agree to the above conditions.