WebBrowser Compatibility Manager

for programs using the Microsoft . NET WebBrowser control


Use this program to change the browser compatibility mode for any program using the Microsoft WebBrowser control to display HTML pages. Per default the WebBrowser control will display webpages in IE 7 mode which may cause some webpages to be displayed incorrectly (misplaced objects, overlapping text etc.). Changing the compatibility mode of the control to a newer version of IE will usually solve this problem.

The program will create a new DWORD value (or change the current) for the selected program under this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION which will set the compatibility mode of the program. This will not affect IE or any other program on your system, only the selected program. However, if there is more than one program on your system which has the same name as the program you want to change the mode of, and which use the WebBrowser control, it will affect them all. In general this should not be a problem, unless you want these programs to run in different compatibility modes. In that case you may have to rename the programs to have different names, if possible.

Normally it's recommended to select the mode that corresponds to the version of IE that is installed on your system The program detects which version that is and displays its name with green text. Some programs may however need to be set to a different version than the one on your system; you can try that if selecting the default version is causing problems.

To set or change the compatibility mode of a program you can either select the program file using the "Browse" button, or type in the exact name of the program's .exe file, e.g. "AccountManagerDAZ.exe" (without the quotes) as shown below, in the Program Name field. Then select the browser mode you want this program to use and click the "Set Selected Mode" button. The program will check if the value has been set correctly and give an error message if something went wrong.

 To completely remove the registry entry for the selected program, click the "Delete Registry Entry" button.

To check which mode a program currently is set to, just enter the program name as explained above and click the "Get Current Mode" button. If the compatibility mode of the program has not yet been set (no DWORD value in registry), the program will tell you.

For developers: if you're developing in Visual Studio and use the WebBrowser control in your programs, you should also remember to change the compatibility mode of the yourprogram.vshost.exe file when debugging.

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

INSTALLATION: Just unzip the files into a folder and run WebBrowserCompatibilityManager.exe.

Specifically for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10:

Depending on your system setup, you may have to use the "Run as Administrator" option, in order for the program to work correctly. Do not try to install in any of the "Program Files" folders as it will currently not work correctly in these folders. Use the "ProgramData" folder on your system partition (usually hidden, so you may have to set Explorer or whatever file manager you are using to show hidden files, to access it), or some other location of your choice.

NOTE: Requires .NET Framework 3.5. Windows 7 already have this installed. If you're running XP, Vista or 8 you may have to install it before the program will work. If Windows does not automatically offer to install it when you run the program, you can download it here:



WebBrowser Compatibility Manager:
Current version: Alpha a0.509 - 2016-07-03  
Download:  wbcm-a0509.zip