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These programs are currently in Alpha, however quite stable and well functioning. Alpha and Beta versions will be free to use, but will have an expiration date. Later official releases will probably cost a little, but can be used indefinitely. More about that later, it will probably take a little while before the first official release is ready.



For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

INSTALLATION: Just unzip the files into a folder and run ContentDownloaderRR.exe / ContentDownloaderLiteRDNA.exe.
If updating to a new version just replace the .exe file, unless otherwise stated under download comments.

Specifically for Windows Vista, 7, and 8:

Depending on your system setup, you may have to use the "Run as Administrator" option in order for the program to work correctly. Do not try to install in any of the "Program Files" folders as it will currently not work correctly in these folders. Use the "ProgramData" folder on your system partition (usually hidden, so you may have to set Explorer or whatever file manager you are using to show hidden files, to access it), or some other location of your choice.

NOTE: Requires .NET Framework 3.5. Windows 7 already have this installed. If you're running XP, Vista or 8 you may have to install it before the program will work. If Windows does not automatically offer to install it when you run the program, you can download it here:



For RDNA (Lite version):
Current version: Alpha 0.527 - 2014-12-03   
<Currently unavailable (being updated, check back soon...)

For Renderosity:
Current version: N/A
Currently unavailable (being rewritten completely, may
take a while...)


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